10 reasons you should be using content marketing in your business

10 reasons you should be using content marketing in your business

Content marketing more than anything is considered as “THE” marketing strategy of today. Not only does it address the need of businesses to acquire and maintain a HOT consumer base, thus driving profits, it also fills the need of consumers for relevant and valuable information that help them take informed profitable action. If that hasn’t convinced you enough on the merits of content marketing here are 10 reasons why you should be using it in your business.

1)      To Establish Yourself as a Credible Expert

Content marketing thrives on the creation and sharing of valuable and relevant information to a defined consumer base or prospective consumer group over a period of time.  The keywords here are valuable and relevant, two things that distinguish content marketing from interruption marketing which it has taken over. By repeatedly providing information that’s relevant both to your business and to your customers, you gain the reputation of being an expert in the field, greatly benefiting the credibility of your brand.

2)      To Make it Easier for Customers to Trust & Buy

Content marketing goes beyond giving a sales pitch into providing information that your customers actually want to know. By moving away from the traditional way of marketing that is full of interrupting strategies such as advertisements, you set your business up to be accepted more by consumers because the information you provide makes them feel like they know your brand well thus developing trust.

3)      Provides You an Opportunity to Educate Your Customers

An informed customer makes better purchasing decisions making content marketing a win for both of you.

4)      To Escape the Month to Month Marketing Trap

Most online business owners get so wrapped up in the technologies that support their marketing efforts, that they don’t have time to focus on the big picture. This puts you in a “last minute” planning cycle where things are put into motion without a proper strategy in place. A solid Content Marketing strategy provides you with cushion. It gives you a way to accomplish all the awesome ideas you want to implement but takes away the stress and panic of trying to do it all at once and blindly.

5)      To Create Content that Drives Customers to Act

Content marketing enables you to present vital information about your product and the need for it without coming off as if you’re selling it. This sharing of content establishes a connection with customers that breaks down sales resistance.

6)      To KNOW your customers want, needs and pains

Content Marketing promotes real conversation. It, more than any other medium represents what the web 2.0 movement is all about, a two way communication. When your prospects don’t feel like they are being sold but nurtured, they will drop their objectivity and more willingly engage with you and your message. Helps to create products people will buy if they are telling you what they want, right?

7)      To Stop Wasting Time and Money

Content marketing adapts your business to consumer attitudes and preferences of the here and now. People want information and they know how to get it. So stop wasting your time on ineffective advertising strategies that people tend to ignore nowadays.

8)      To Get Off  the Internet Marketing Merry-go-round

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~Albert Einstein. Isn’t that where most webpreneurs find themselves? Spinning your wheels trying to get somewhere with no real compass to get there is just insane. Content Marketing stops the merry go round and puts you on a real path to success.

9)      To make Developing Products & Services people want easier

Content marketing establishes a connection between your business and customers that is built on the trust that you are also after the interest of the customer more than just making a profit. This makes it easier for customers to give feedback on the products and services that you offer thus making development of these things more customer-centered and less of a guesswork.

10)   To Achieve the Success and Impact your desire

Content marketing is the here and now of marketing. Traditional marketing means no longer work effectively because people now have a better knowledge of what they want and they know just how to get it. By adopting content marketing to your business, you allow this shift in consumer attitude to work to your advantage, ensuring the success of your business venture.

Kenya Halliburton is a content marketing genie who grants the online content wishes of women webpreneurs. Find her on Facebook for special pricing on content services http://www.facebook.com/myvirtualgenie and visit her home site to learn more about her company http://myvirtualgenie.com

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