8 ways to find fabulous stories for your content marketing

8 ways to find fabulous stories for your content marketing

So whether you are a small business, or a larger entity, how can you go about finding interesting stories that will engage your audiences and ensure your company is seen as a great place to work, a great organisation to contact or an efficient entity to invest in? Here are some ideas.

Insight – specialist knowledge from your key people

Your people are your greatest asset. That’s as much the case when you are looking for great stories, as it is when you’re creating your organisation. Rotate your requests for blogs and content around your divisions to ensure you get fresh, ongoing content. Here’s an example from Xerox from a Senior Vice President in the company, discussing wearable technonology.

xerox blog JPEG

Consider segmenting your content to reflect different areas of the business or areas of insight & knowledge. Think of all the opportunities when you can match your brand with deep corporate knowledge.

Check out Xerox’s broader blog structure as a great example of this.

Staff – activities, knowledge, behaviour, experience

There’s nothing like asking your team to give you insights, thoughts and suggestions for blog content. It may be a hobby or parallel skill – take a look at this Facebook page from energy and utilities company Expro and one of its staff who is also a Commonwealth Games pole vaulter.

expro facebook jpeg

And here’s a guest blog from a student who has just completed a placement at Expro, talking about his time with the company. Love this quote:- “If I could use two words to describe my first day they would definitely be educational and challenging.”

Ceremonies, events & experiences

Internal events such as presentations, mini-conferences, guest appearances, awards ceremonies and such like are all great content to populate your blog and social media sites. This is an obvious way to deliver a clear message about your organisation and how it works, what makes it tick and what kind of people thrive there.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for sharing this type of content – take a look at the LinkedIn page for Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer for a selection of good examples of this type of story.

Freshfields linkedin jpeg

Parties and internal events

Most organisations are keen to demonstrate just what a fun and stimulating environment their company offers to potential new recruits and current staff. What better way than uploading great images and photos from your internal events? Take a look at DLA Piper’s Flickr stream – it almost makes me want to become a lawyer!

DLA piper

History / Personality / Family

If you want to understand what makes Bill Mariott tick, read the hotel chain statesman’s blog at http://www.blogs.marriott.com – not only is it a great read, with some honest stories about the people in the Mariott chain, it also gives a real insight into this family organisation. I’m not sure if Bill Mariott writes every word, but his ‘tone of voice’ and character is woven through every piece. Great stuff.

mariott blog

Process and product

Ever wondered how a major rail project is delivered? Many clients, customers and stakeholders love to take a look behind the scenes. It’s a way to share your message to a broader group, and to the world at large. If you have multiple markets to serve, consider re-voicing video content or translating social media content for other marketplaces. For a lovely example of ‘behind the scenes’ content take a look at this (beautifully shot and edited) video from US construction giant, Bechtel.

Bechtel video

Corporate news events

If something happens to your organisation you build PR around it – and using social media channels to amplify that message is a no-brainer.

Xero is an online accounting tool and it has an honest, engaging blog that covers what’s been going on with the firm. Recently they had a visit from the New Zealand PM (the company is based in NZ)and wrote about it on the blog.

xero blog JPEG

Broader news events

Charities are great at using news events to leverage their own message – see this example from Amnesty UK, with their meme response to the changes in the laws around homosexuality in Uganda. Why does it work? Because it appeals to interest groups and individuals who will then share the message on their social sites, complete with the Amnesty brand. For companies and organisations it’s possible to take ongoing, less controversial news events – extreme weather, anniversaries etc – and build content from these ‘jumping-off points’.

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