Boost your content marketing with these simple video tips

Boost your content marketing with these simple video tips

Video is a key part of any content marketing arsenal for your business – whether small or large.

It’s proving key to getting traction on your Facebook page with more than one billion videos viewed each day on the site, and has been highlighted by Mark Zuckerberg as a priority. But how do you get started, or look afresh at your current video activity, and what is the best guidance for getting ahead with video in 2015?

Upload your video to Facebook

Increasingly audiences and consumers are viewing videos on Facebook – largely due to the auto-roll facility that draws us in – as well as YouTube. And it seems that videos uploaded directly to Facebook receive more views than those embedded from YT. If you are creating content for your brand or company, be sure to upload it across sites and platforms to get maximum traction for your investment in time and/or production costs.

Add value to the viewer

It’s important that your videos are not simply promotional tools for your company or product. The simplest way to build an engaged audience over time is to offer some value-add or insight to them that you know will be relevant. This could be related to your industry or to your product. Take a look at the Pets At Home YouTube channel for their Vets’ Insights, hosted by Paul O’Grady. A neat use of video with one clear message per 2 -3 minute video.

Keep video to the point

Ideally you want to keep your insight videos, or thought leadership videos to 2 – 3 minutes. Keep in mind what your key message is, and stick to that message, with 2 – 3 supporting details to reinforce your key message. Map out your script beforehand, with a clear view in your mind at all times just who your audience or target viewer is.

Use graphics

Where possible use bold, simple graphics to reinforce your point – these might be bullet points underneath your image (that might be of you or one of your staff members in shot) or they could be full screen graphics with 2 – 3 bullet points overlaid across the screen. If you use bullet points, remember to keep them short and sweet. Keep graphics up on screen enough times for a reader to read them through twice slowly. Consider using a simple online tool such as Animoto or Wideo to create your video – basic versions are free, and a good starting point for any business.

Explain and inform

Use video to explain and inform your audiences about your product. Think insight, not sales. Think about how your video can enhance the experience of your potential customer. More than 50% of people buying beauty products, for instance, will look at user videos before buying. Beauty bloggers, for instance, like Michelle Phan have built a career on our love of videos – just one of her YouTube videos has garnered more than 46 million views, for instance.

Go even shorter!

If you want to dip your toe into the water with video, consider using really short sharp bursts of film on Vine or Instagram. Vine gives you the option of telling your story in 6 seconds, whilst Instagram’s Hyperlapse App allows you to speed up real life by a factor of 12 and reveal all in 10 seconds. How do you use this hyper short video? Consider promoting a product or service offer simply and clearly in a short time, demonstrate a novelty offer or deliver your own ‘thought for the day’ using images and graphics.

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Gay Flashman runs Formative, a UK-based social media content agency helping businesses tell corporate stories. Formative creates compelling, intelligent, multi-lingual content for clients – everything from long-form insight & thought leadership, to infographics, memes, videos and webinars.

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