Content Marketing in the UK: The Numbers

Content Marketing in the UK: The Numbers

Engagement has been the key goal for British content marketers in 2014, overtaking brand awareness which topped the priority list last year. That’s according to the third annual Trends report by the Content Marketing Institute.

The report also shows that British marketers think they’re more effective at content marketing than their American or Australian counterparts, although interestingly they see themselves as less effective at it than they were last year.

Let’s take a look at the report’s key findings in more detail.

Priority marketing goals

This chart shows the percentages of marketers in the UK that listed each goal as a part of their content marketing strategy. As well as the increase in engagement, there have also been a big jump in lead nurturing as a goal (up from around 30% last year to this year’s 85%), as well as lead generation and sales.


Source: Content Marketing Institute

Future plans for content

Britain’s content marketers were also asked about their plans for the next 12 months, and the largest number of respondents – 70% – are aiming to create visual content. Creating more engaging content was a close second, by 69%, and then creating a greater variety of content.


Source: Content Marketing Institute

Effectiveness of social media

Twitter is seen as the most effective social media platform by 75% of UK content marketers – and interestingly this is far higher than seen in the American and Australian versions of the report (54% and 53% respectively).


Source: Content Marketing Institute

Success at tracking ROI

British content marketers don’t see themselves as very successful at tracking the Return on Investment of their content marketing programmes – only 28% say they’re either successful or very successful. But the figure rises to 46% for content marketers who have a documented strategy.


Source: Content Marketing Institute

What does a best-in-class content marketer look like?

The report also pulled together some interesting figures from the marketers who scored themselves highly for their content marketing. What set them apart from the rest?


Source: Content Marketing Institute

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