The pros and cons of hiring a new writer for content marketing

The pros and cons of hiring a new writer for content marketing

Content marketing is the name of the game today. The online world is buzzing with people talking about social media marketing, blogging, article marketing, content writing, video production, pod casts – it seems like every business owner and individual marketer is caught up in the content marketing craze. The sheer number of new writers and content marketers online is proof of how explosive this is.

There’s a good reason for that; it’s the most effective way to reach customers because those customers are searching online for information about you and your products.

They are arming themselves with information and making informed decisions on the products they want by doing deep searches online for the solutions they need. Not only that, but they’re using that information to compare companies as well – pitting you against your competitors in a side by side comparison of pros and cons.

Business owners and marketers are in a race to get on the first page of Google and in front of their target audience, but content doesn’t come cheap. To save money where they can and control their budget, business owners often turn to new writers in hopes of saving a buck.

But is that a sound idea? Let’s look at the pros and cons of hiring new writers for content writing:

The Pros

Saving Money

This is obviously the hook for many businesses; if you can save money, you’ll jump at the chance. I’m all for saving money and while this is attractive for any business or individual on a tight budget it should never be the sole reason for choosing a content writer – ever.

Greater Availability

If you managed to land yourself a new freelance writer for your content marketing, and they’re actually good at what they do, then there’s a good chance they don’t have a super packed schedule compared to the big dogs that have been at it for years. This translates to a faster turnaround on written content since they’ll be eager to please – after all they’re just like you; they need all the business they can get.


A new writer that’s just broken into the world of content writing and article writing hasn’t been at it so long they’ve fallen into a black hole of style. Not to say this happens to all writers as a good, solid professional writer should be capable of writing in numerous tones. Unfortunately there are also plenty of “this is how I do it, and we do it my way” content writers out there that are less than flexible.

The Cons

There are a few downsides to working with a new writer on any project:

Lack of Content Marketing Knowledge

A new writer may not completely understand the concept of content marketing. There’s a lot more to it than just slapping some words together. It’s all about understanding and connecting with a target audience, building content that draws the attention of search engines, creating a content strategy that works, managing topics and editorial calendars, etc. These things take time learn, so if you need someone to handle the bulk of your content marketing you may stall quite a bit with new writers.

Saving Money

I’m listing this again because it’s so important; saving money with content marketing can indeed be a downside. You should be willing to pay whatever you need to pay for good quality content. Outsourcing overseas or to anyone that doesn’t speak your native language is not a good idea – it doesn’t matter how much you save. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

You cannot expect good quality content for the price a large value meal.

Poor Sources & Research

A new writer isn’t likely to have reliable information sources for the content they need to write – and it may sound silly but few of them actually consider utilizing a much underrated place known as The Library. Many new writers start sifting through content online and wind up swiping content from article directories (like this one). Some will completely rewrite the content; others may use poor quality spinners or simply copy and paste. Consider that a new writer may not necessarily provide the best research for your content.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you work with a new writer or a veteran content writer. What’s important is that the final content you put in front of your target audience is original, provides value and actually speaks to their interests. Ultimately it should either provide a solution or a path to that solution.

When you’re ready to push forward with content marketing, choose your content writer wisely.

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Derek Cromwell is a professional freelance copywriter and owner of Thunder Bay Media, a company that provides content marketing & SEO copywriting solutions for businesses ready to improve their online presence.


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