Why you should use multiple formats in your content marketing

Why you should use multiple formats in your content marketing

At the News:Rewired conference in London, run by Journalism.co.uk we had a very quick presentation from Ezra Eeman, who launched and runs a small site on Pinterest that tests and showcases tools that journalists can use to build more interesting content, and experiment with multi-platform story-telling.
I’ve yet to work my way through all of these in any depth, but here are some of Ezra’s picks. These emerging tools for journalists can give inspiration to corporate communicators seeking to find new ways to engage with their audiences.

Tool #1: Tiki Toki

Tiki Toki allows you to build – for free – interactive timelines, although you cannot embed them in your own site unless you buy the premium version. Quickly and easily build a history of your organisation, product or group.

Tool #2: Soundcite

Embed short snippets of audio into your text. Consider how a tool like this might potentially work for event coverage, presentations and announcements.

Tool #3: Kettlecorn

Use this tool to overlay video with text, comments, name captions and maps. It’s simple to see how you can start to build rich corporate content around – for instance – manufacturing locations, or development sites.


Tool #4: Sprites

This tool requires registration if you want to save your work, but you can demo it for free without signing in at all. It took me five minutes to pull together an (out-of-date) statistics demo; definitely worthwhile for corporate communicators who want to build simple, accessible infographics themselves, leaving the more sophisticated output to the experts.


Gay Flashman runs Formative, a UK-based content marketing agency helping businesses tell corporate stories. Formative creates compelling, intelligent content for our clients – everything from long-form insight & thought leadership, to infographics, memes, videos and webinars.

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