Keys to successful SEO content writing

Keys to successful SEO content writing

There are many keys to successful SEO content writing. You will want to familiarize yourself with these key points before you start writing content for your website. In fact, you should likely seek professional assistance to learn search engine optimization tactics before you begin. However, the following tips will help you to get started in understanding how great content should be written.

Four Keys to Successful SEO Content Writing

1. Keyword research is key. You need to make sure that the keywords you are optimizing for suit your website or niche, while also being popular in searches. You can check keyword popularity and get keyword suggestions through free tools online. There are many of them available.

2. How you use keywords is the most important thing in SEO content writing. You will have to first determine how many times to use the keyword. Typically this should be around one to three percent, or somewhere in the middle. This means that if you write five hundred words of content, you will have your keyword five to fifteen times. Typically it is best to keep keyword density around one percent.

In addition to density, you also have to keep in mind where you place your keywords. Place your keywords in subheadings and headings. You will also want the keywords in the first paragraph, preferably the first sentence. It’s also beneficial to place the keyword in the last sentence, and you may want to have the keyword at the beginning of every paragraph for added emphasis.

3. Avoid keyword stuffing. Your content should flow naturally, and keywords should not be inserted into content simply to make them appear so many times in the content. This is a big rule in SEO content writing. You should also avoid putting your keyword in too many times. Three percent density is pushing the limits. Any more than this and you are keyword stuffing, which is looked down upon by humans and search engines alike.

4. Write for people, not machines. While you do need to use search engine optimization, you also want to make sure that people who visit your site are not turned off by your content. Otherwise your website will do you no good, even if it has a lot of traffic coming in due to search engine ranking. People will see your content and leave immediately. Write for people first, then machines. If you focus on both aspects you should be able to be successful in SEO content writing.

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