Landing page mistakes

Landing page mistakes

How can you significantly improve your landing pages and avoid making costly mistakes?

Too much or too little information on the page

You must realize where your audience is coming from. Do they already know what they are looking for when coming to your page or do they go there for more information. Only you will know this. Give them what they are looking for. The only way you can be sure if you are getting it right is by split testing though.

Don’t put yourself in the customer’s shoes

A lot of people get this wrong, you must sell to them, don’t try to imagine what you would like on a landing page. Copywriters tend to use too much copy, graphic designers too many graphics etc. Get into the mindset of your customer, but don’t think of yourself as the customer. Your conversion rates will tell you if you are getting it right or not. Keep tweaking until you get it right.

Add a phone number to your landing page

A phone number will create credibility and with so many opt-in forms it gives customers an alternative to giving away their e-mail addresses and then getting blasted with auto responders for months later when all they really wanted was an answer to a question they might have had. So give them options , this tends to work well with expensive and technical products.

Don’t ignore web form psychology

If you send targeted traffic to your landing page and you know that you have a good offer you can ask for more information on your web form. People will be happy to give more than a e-mail address if they feel that they are getting a quality product. The more information you can get the better, just don’t lose customers because your form is too long. Don’t ignore SEO on your landing page You can have your normal landing page above the fold and then ad relevant information below the fold. The people who just want a quick opt-in will be happy and for the more avid readers there will be more information. This way you can still benefit from organic traffic and it will increase your Adwords score which leads to cheaper cost per click.

Keep the logic of foldpages in mind

Where the folds appear on your landing page is very important. You must ensure that you have a call to action button on every page, also an exit button. Make it easy for your customers to navigate around your landing page and keep reminding them why they are there in the first place.

International challenges

Keep in mind that different cultures might go to your landing page , so you need to cater for them. This includes the lay-out and look and feel of your page. Some people read from right to left for example so your lay-out must correspond. If you are in doubt you can make a different landing page for each culture or country you might be targeting.

Power of video

A quick video to introduce yourself and your product can do wonders to put people at ease. You don’t need to be the next Steven Spielberg either, there are tons of free video software that are super easy to use, if you still struggle look for tutorials on Youtube and soon it will be lights, camera , action.

Pay attention to the imagery on your page

Your images must correlate to what your are trying to sell or convey. I know this sounds brutally basic, but take a look on the web, a lot of people just throw a girl in a bikini or a sports car on their landing page regardless of what they are selling. Nothing kills conversion rates faster than this.

Don’t overuse landing pages

Very technical or expensive products might not sell well on landing pages, because people may need more information than you can squeeze into , well a squeeze page. Get their information and then redirect them to another website with the relevant information. Finally, the most important thing when it comes to landing pages is split testing. You must tweak and try different methods and don’t forget to track what you are testing. Online marketing is a lot of work, but if you get it right it is an amazing way of making a living.

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Jaco Marais is an online marketer. 

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