How can your brand embrace Snapchat?

How can your brand embrace Snapchat?

Just when you think you’ve mastered the art of social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat appears out of nowhere and once again, the nature of digital marketing is transformed.

This rapidly growing mobile app allows users to communicate through photos and messages that disappear after being viewed for an allocated amount of time. These time limitations can produce creative challenges, however many brands have already used them to their advantage instead.

With Snapchat introducing features such as ‘Our Story’ and the ‘Live’ section to its interface, it has created one of the most powerful marketing tools of the decade.

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A screen recording of the ‘live’ section of Snapchat.

Here are examples of 3 brands that have truly embraced Snapchat’s features:

World Wide Fund for Nature

WWF cleverly embraced Snapchat’s most unique function to illustrate just how quickly endangered animals will disappear – much like how our photos do – if we don’t take action to save them. A campaign surrounding the message, “Don’t let this be my #lastselfie” raised awareness of the cause by targeting millenials.

Samsung and the American Music Awards

Samsung used the ‘Live’ section of Snapchat, which aggregates multiple users’ snaps associated with a single live event in one feed. This event in particular provided a constant stream of posts from the American Music Awards, sponsored by Samsung who aimed to promote their Galaxy series.


This was the first time such an event had user-generated content intertwined with branded content. Samsung also uploaded exclusive backstage footage alongside users’ posts from the event.


Heineken used Snapchat to engage attendees of the Coachella Music Festival.

By sharing behind-the-scenes content, people that followed the brand on Snapchat via HeinekenSnapWho received clues about artists making guest appearances. If fans snapped back a correct guess, the brand would reveal the time they could catch them on stage.


So how can you start to use Snapchat to benefit your brand?

One downside of Snapchat is that you are relying heavily on users individually adding you. However, using any existing social platforms you have to launch and promote your Snapchat will help to build up your audience.

The next thing to decide is what users will get out of adding you. Whether it’s behind the scenes footage, special deals or unique discount codes, exclusivity is key; if the content can’t be found anywhere else, people will want to add your business to gain access.

A great example of this comes from Grubhub, who used Snapchat as a recruitment tool. They invited users to send in their doodles with the best one winning a highly coveted summer internship with the company.


This is the great thing about Snapchat; you can be as innovative as you like with the snaps you share and campaigns you create. Snapchat is your oyster; make sure you embrace it before it disappears!

Selina is a Digital Content Producer at Formative, a UK-based content marketing agency helping businesses tell corporate stories. Formative creates compelling, intelligent content for our clients – everything from long-form insight & thought leadership, to infographics, memes, videos and webinars.


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