5 simple and easy tips to promote content with social media

5 simple and easy tips to promote content with social media

Content writing and marketing is one of the most important strategies that decides the fate of online sales. Businesses are successful at fetching huge profits through content that actually matters and is directed at solving the concerns of their customers. The usual practice is to hire high quality content writers and get the content curated. But how do you ensure that your content will get noticed and people will share it?

There is no doubt that social media can do the job. People spend more than 25% of their time online crawling over these social media sites and doubtless, more than 75% of content marketers prefer social media to promote their content. Social media has an enormous reach out but ensuring that the content creates the expected impact decides the fate of your business and here are some simple tips that will help you to decide whether you are doing it the right way:

Visual Impact: The increasing popularity of Instagram contributes to the fact that images can create. Have you seen the images that simply go viral over the social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn, which is considered to be more of a professionally inclined social networking website. Make it a point to merge the content with attractive images that can lure the readers. Break the content into various paragraphs or points and infuse each of them with the perfect image.

Impressive Headlines: For example a headline such as: “5 Things that are preventing your website from reaching the top of the search engines”, creates a curiosity as to know more about what are those points that are leading others to reach at the top of the search engines and you are missing out. This curiosity to know more will bring in more number of readers, you hit the jackpot if you have framed the appropriate kind of headline and remember the entire social media will be reading and sharing it if your title is realistic and impressive.

Platform oriented customization: Social media is widespread and your options are not limited to a single social site. When you post your content, make sure it stands out from others, add a catchy title, an appeasing image and a short description that will arise the reader’s instinct to know more.

Posting at the right time: This is one simple tip that all are aware of. Though, it is simple it usually goes ignored when it comes to posting at the apt time. You need to experiment to identify the perfect time when your target audience is online and the type of content they view. When you get an idea of the time when most of your customer base is available you can form a habit of posting at the particular time.

Be social: Being social is what social media is all about. Engage your customers in a conversation with you, budge them to participate in active communication with you. Merely sharing links is easy but asking questions and getting replies is not an easy task. Once they start responding, it implies your business is on the way to its next step towards garnering sales.

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