Content marketers’ SEO strategies

Content marketers’ SEO strategies

There are so many SEO strategies published but only a few present it from the content marketer’s point of view. These strategies have to consider the fact that it also affects the designers, web developers, copywriters, marketing and PR.

Keyword usage and links may be very important of SEO, but these days content has an increased attention from SEO too. SEO advice should also consider the perspective of content marketers, strategists and writers.

When developing your SEO approach towards content marketing you have to ask the following questions:

What are your goals? Content marketing affects more than just sales so you have to be specific on each aspect.

Can you edit your current content? You have to know to which extent you can edit your existing content for SEO use.

Can you access the website templates and its codes? You can work hand-in-hand with the web team to edit your templates so you can optimize it.

Will you be able to provide SEO training for content writers? You can use trainings to show them how to put keywords strategically for SEO.

Can you make a performance feedback on the content? This is used to enhance the knowledge of the writer in keyword optimization.

Can you access new content creation and publishing? You should meet the needs of the visitors first then work on the keywords later.

Who says SEO optimization and content marketing cannot mix? After answering all those questions do the following strategies.

Audit your existing content and refine them. You have to optimize and work on improving what you already have rather than working on a new one.

That is why you have to identify as to what extent you edit your existing content because you want to improve them for SEO. You can always work with a new one but you can beautify and increase the quality of an existing one.

Optimize more on the most profitable and popular topics. Also, add new content as planned by your marketing and PR team to hit two birds with just one stone.

Profitable topics can pool in much audience on its own, so you might want to add that on your list of content write-ups. But that does not mean you have to do away with your planned topics; merely just an additional topic.

Train all your content creators on SEO so on their level they can implement SEO strategies. Give them access to templates to make them work together very well with the content.

You need to develop a different content and editorial map and flow because you will want to add a line between other sectors towards the content writer.

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