Getting more value from your content

Getting more value from your content

A big part of your search engine optimisation strategy is going to involve content. In fact, rather than calling it SEO let’s view it more as online reputation building. After all, that’s the whole point of content, isn’t it?

Writing high quality, informative posts will help position you as an expert in your field. It will help you become the “go to” person in your niche.

If you’re thinking “hang on, the main reason for my content generation is to attract links” you need to think again.

Yes, there is a chance you could attract useful links to your site, but they may not always be follow links.

Before you hang your head in despair, a nofollow link can be just as valuable. Granted, it doesn’t bring any link juice, but it can bring a raft of new readers. If someone has taken the time to cite your article and link to you it means they see you as an expert, something their readers will also think.

But it’s not all about getting links in to your site; it’s just as valuable, as part of your content marketing, to link out.

Before you get too concerned about your water-tight website suddenly becoming very leaky with all these outward links, don’t. Use nofollow to protect your page rank, but use the links to increase your expert status.

Let me explain.

Useful resource

If you’re writing about a complex topic, linking to an external resource can help your readers’ understanding. This will enhance their experience and reinforce the fact that you know what you’re talking about – everyone wins.

Top 10

Top 10 lists are very popular, especially when you’re comparing products. Your readers love them because you’ve done all the hard work for them. All they have to do is read your summary on each and then click through to the one they want to learn more about.

You’ve saved them time and saved them from making a bad buying decision. Wow you’re good… I think they’ll be coming back real soon.

Crediting research

When writing it’s important to back everything up with facts and research because it adds authority to your arguments.

If you do, make sure you reference all the external information you have used by linking to it. You could also drop a line to the companies you’re referencing – you never know, if they like what you’ve written you could earn yourself an inward link.


Interviewing other experts in your field will add depth to your content. It is a great way of getting another view point across to your readers. Plus, if you link to the expert there’s a good chance they’ll link back to your article so they can share it with their readers too.

Outward links can boost the value of your content

As you can see, outward links can be good for your SEO, boosting the value of your content.

Try to avoid thinking about using your content as link bait and think of it more as a way of enlightening your readers. If you get too hung up on attracting links the quality of your content will start to suffer. Don’t forget, your whole content strategy is about adding value to your customers.

Linking out to other sources will show your depth of knowledge and enhance your readers’ experience.

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Sally Ormond is an experienced b2b copywriter/creative writer based in Suffolk.

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