How to create Facebook video with real impact

How to create Facebook video with real impact

Auto-play for on has been around for a while now, and news organisations are at the front of the queue when it comes to creating that really works in the space.

Learn their techniques to improve your corporate video content on Facebook – the approach is simple – distil your message into bite-sized chunks, and create bold graphics over images to tell your story without the need for sound.

What can we learn from news video creation?

News sites like AJ+ (an off-shoot of Al Jazeera) have developed an incredibly effective style of video content on their Facebook site –  using general images from a particular news story (often called ‘B roll’) overlaid with big, bold graphics that tell the story in words, with soundbites quoted in subtitles. This allows the video to roll, without the need to hear any audio.

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Now This News show how it’s done

For more examples of how you can turn simple short video into effective # content, complete with overlaid graphics and sub-titles, take a look at the YouTube channel or Facebook page for Now This Media.


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The Joe Biden interview is a great example of manipulation of simple video for multiple platforms and outlets.

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Here’s our example of how we mixed ‘overlay’ or B-roll footage with interview content and simple graphics to create a corporate video with impact for the World Economic Forum.

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You may also be interested in our blog on fast-turnaround news coverage of the RiskMinds International conference in Amsterdam in December 2015.

Can we help you with your corporate video? We create a range of films for our clients from high quality, graphics-rich content to short-form reportage. Call us now on +44 (0)1494 672122.

Gay Flashman is Head of Content at Formative Content, a content agency based in the UK and working with clients around the world to share their insight and knowledge to stakeholders and audiences using . Gay is an experienced news journalist, manager and editor – she has worked in a senior capacity at ABC Australia, ITN and the BBC.

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