6 Top apps to make your content marketing easier

6 Top apps to make your content marketing easier

Effective ### doesn’t happen by accident – there are many elements that are key to the success of any campaign, from planning your strategy and defining your message to deciding what metrics you’ll use to measure its impact. Achieving this needn’t be a hassle though; we’ve listed 6 of the best apps to make your content marketing that little bit easier.


If you’re not using Buffer then you probably should be. Buffer is an extremely useful tool that will help you organise, schedule and evaluate all of your content. With Buffer’s user friendly interface you will be able to schedule content for the weeks ahead and set up your own content queue so you never miss a social post.


If you plan to publish lots of content and accompany this with a matching social schedule, Hootsuite is for you. It can be set up in multiple ways so you can monitor all aspects of your channels. Keeping tabs of mentions, direct messages and your content queue is easier than ever before and with an innovative bulk uploader you will be able to save masses of time.


The key to effective content marketing is constant communication between all team members and contributors. Slack is a messaging app that allows you to organise your team’s communications in open channels, ensuring that all team members are kept in the loop. It’s team communication for the 21st century.

Google Docs

Google Docs allows all team members to work in the same document at the same time. Saving multiple files of spreadsheets and documents is a thing of the past. Saving your content to the Google Drive means that your files are available anywhere and anytime. This one is a no brainer, Google Docs will save you time and help you organise your content better than ever before.


IFTTT (If, This, Then, That) gives you creative control over the products and apps you love, using ‘recipes.’ There are two types of recipes: DO Recipes and IF Recipes that allow you to automate your content. An example of IFTTT making your life easier as a content marketer is: “If I post a picture on Instagram, save the photo to Dropbox.”


Graphic design is not a skill that can be learnt overnight, however with Canva you can give it a very good go. With a vast range of templates and images you can create memes, graphics and banners in minutes that look thoroughly professional. Canva’s drag-and-drop feature means that anyone can get to grips with this app. After a few practice runs you will be well on the way to creating professional layouts with excellent graphics.

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Will Clarke is a Digital Producer at Formative Content and specialises in account scheduling management, writing for social media and digital content.

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