Meet the Team | Keith Breene

Meet the Team | Keith Breene

Keith is a Senior Writer, with many years’ experience as a broadcast journalist for the BBC, ITN and The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). He produces multi-platform for the full spectrum of Formative Content clients.

Tell us a little more about your role here.

I essentially write blogs on just about any and every subject. I may write as myself, but more commonly I am ghost writing in first person or as the voice of a company. I write everything from newsy on-the-day features and buzz pieces to explainers and evergreens. Occasionally I’ll also cover events – in fact I’m off to Hong Kong next month. I’ll generally receive a brief from one of our client representatives and then conduct interviews and research to create what they need.

What’s the hardest part of the process?

Finding the right voice. It’s always the big challenge, whether it’s for an individual or a corporation, it takes time and real attention to detail to understand exactly what the client is looking for. It gets easier the more you work with a client and build a relationship, and ultimately it can become very natural to click into their style

How does your previous experience inform what you do here?

The key skill in creating broadcast news is making sense of things and putting them out to the audience in a clear and intelligent way. I always saw it in two steps – getting my head around the facts and the jargon and then communicating that in a way that highlights the important angles with authority and accessibility. This translates across to what I do now very well. Also just being accurate and checking your facts.

What do you enjoy most about your job here?

I like that, working with , I will often see reactions to my work in real-time, getting instant feedback. There is a sense of immediacy. I also enjoy having the time to really immerse myself in a subject in a way I often did not have time to in the world of broadcasting. All that we do is fairly fast-turnaround, but because I work with clients again and again I can really get to know their markets and industry.

Keith Breene has nearly 20 years of experience as a national journalist at the BBC, ITN and the ABC and has worked extensively in the corporate sector. A highly skilled story teller, Keith has first class live reporting and film making capabilities.

Formative Content is a UK based agency producing high quality content, live event coverage and strategic communications support for clients around the world.

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