4 ways you should use social media in PR campaigns

4 ways you should use social media in PR campaigns

### and go hand in hand, and if you’re not integrating social media into your campaign strategy then you’re missing a trick.

There are so many social media tools available today that even the most seasoned PR practitioner can feel bamboozled by choice. The key to successful social media integration is simplicity. Plan your social media strategically and it will boost your campaign’s performance and provide you with incredible campaign analysis and insight.

Here are our top 4 ways to use social media in your :

Identify influencers

PR is not just selling-in pitches to your little black book of journalist contacts, it is now about identifying influencers outside the press pack – the people who have an opinion and a credible voice in the social space, and who will influence the opinion of your target audience. Get their attention and endorsement and you’ll experience the benefit of ‘word of mouth’ on a mega scale.
Recommended tools: Klout and Lissted will tell you who the big players are in multiple markets worldwide.


Target your market research by using some of the most sophisticated (and in most cases, free!) tools in the social media market. Google Trends provides customer behaviour analysis and insight, Answer the Public (my new favourite tool) shows you what people are asking about your topic, and SocialMention delivers real-time analysis of what is being said about a topic, and who they’re talking about.

Turbo-charge your tactics

To truly amplify your brand’s message, you need to get on board with multi-platform journeys. Plan your content and identify the best tools for your . By spanning digital AND print your campaign will reach a big audience, and gives you the opportunity to create a compelling story for your brand. Post filmed interviews on YouTube, write up the interview as a blog, take quotes for promotion across Twitter and Facebook, and thread it together with a great hashtag campaign. And if you retweet a lot of third party content then you should check out Sniply, which allows you to create a bespoke call to action on your linked pages. Impressive stuff.


Evaluating your campaign’s success is vital; it provides insight into what worked and what didn’t (and why). Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all offer their own data insight, but you can also utilise Coverage Book, which pulls all online and print coverage into a neat data and visual-driven report, breaking down reach by shares, reposts, audience numbers and engagement. If sentiment’s your thing then check out Hootsuite’s UberVu, a paid-for tool that displays a conversation word cloud, and tracks sentiment from the baseline to present day – ideal for long-term analysis of audience engagement.

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