5 Steps to creating corporate blogs that grab attention

5 Steps to creating corporate blogs that grab attention

We are all busy. Too busy to ever complete our to-do lists, let alone dedicate hours to creating for our company brand. Right? But what if you knew it was driving sales, helping you find new potential customers and raising your search engine visibility? Perhaps it could be worth reprioritising?

If you know what you’re doing, your blog content can achieve all these things. Here we reveal the secrets to bringing your blog content out of the shadows.

Pillar Content

First things first; you need some excellent content that is useful, intelligent and accessible for your target audience. Pillar content offers the structural support for your identity and messaging. That means:

  • A clear focus on specific topics that reflect your expertise
  • Great headlines, that don’t confuse the reader
  • Engaging visuals (proven to increase reach and readability)
  • Links to other things you (or people you respect) have written to encourage further engagement and help raise your search engine visibility
  • Only material that is of genuine value to the reader
  • Short, sharp and clear text that breaks sections up with headlines, bullet points and illustration, explains jargon and is – at the very least – spelled correctly
  • Include an opt-in box for email addresses, it’s a great way to retain readers
  • Add a share toolbar and see your brand amplification skyrocket by up to 700%

Other content might be anything from relevant third-party links being shared, infographics, snappy videos etc. through to more overtly promotional elements such as corporate news or promotional material (though this is best kept to a minimum and spread out carefully). Whatever it is, it will take its lead from your Pillar Content’s style and focus, as will your readers.


Now it’s time to get your content out there. It’s crucial to share across platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ are obvious choices, but don’t rule out also using the smaller options such as Quora.com, Tumblr or Empire Avenue where your content may stand out more.

Post an image from your content piece with a text overlay to Instagram and pin your post to a contributor board on Pinterest to optimise your reach. Basically, the more sources that drive traffic towards your content, the better.


Your great headline and image will pique audience interest, but to really attract clicks you may want to try an audio intro (Dubber) or a visual one (Vine) to draw readers in. What about using BuzzStream to identify influencers in your field? Then include a link to their site and encourage them to share your piece with their audience.

And don’t ignore the importance of your intro copy – it should:

  • Use different angles for different platforms. This will not only improve uptake on each platform if you understand the different audiences clearly, but will also mean more snippets are online so you are more likely to crop up in searches.
  • Call people to action (use words such as click, learn, share, re-tweet – oh and please is popular too!) or simply cause enough intrigue to compel them to click
  • Use a range of hashtags within your Twitter copy, inserting your work into different relevant conversations and new audiences


So, you’ve been noticed: people are reading what you have to say and they may also be sharing or commenting on your work. At this point it is vital that you respond. You need to be part of the conversation in order to build relationships. Keep it light, human, ignore negative comments or anything deliberately designed to incite argument, but otherwise everyone deserves your attention.

Keep Going

Consistency and regularity is key – give your audience more! Don’t waste their time, or yours, with rubbish. Instead, return to step 1 and do it all again. Don’t forget that you can also re-promote pieces at regular intervals, particularly if the content is not time-limited or – even better – is an ‘evergreen’.

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Melissa Valente is an Account Manager at Formative Content and specialises in PR, corporate communications and journalism.

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