What is evergreen content and why do you need it?

What is evergreen content and why do you need it?

If you are new to the world of ###, setting up an content strategy could be the one thing that you need to do this year.

Unfamiliar with the concept? In short, evergreen content is the term used for online content that will always be relevant to your target , whether they read your blog today, next month, or next year.

What is the best form of evergreen content?

Getting your evergreen content right is a delicate art and relies on you, as a publisher, understanding what type of content is right for the subject matter and your audience.

A key part of writing truly effective evergreen content is to make your content as timeless as possible. Don’t get too hung up on this though, as great evergreen content is often tweaked months (or even years) down the line to retain its validity.

You should think of your evergreen content as a guaranteed traffic generator that can be recommissioned and distributed to your audience in a matter of minutes; saving you time, hassle and money.

‘How to’ guides

Step-by-step guides that outline a clear process often make great evergreen content. If you have advice about a method or practice that works, then others will want to read this because it’s useful information for them.


Evergreen content is for beginners and seasoned marketers alike. Insightful FAQs will generate traffic and, in time, cement your status as an industry expert with plenty of high quality evergreen content to offer.

Top 10s

A perennial favourite that will guarantee you clicks. This is an example of evergreen content that can be subtly updated to ensure it stays evergreen for a very long time. If your Top 10 requires an update, simply take one out and replace it – this is an example of a ready to social accordingly.

Don’t hide your evergreen content

Your evergreen content will go a long way to improving your content strategy, but you need to give it a helping hand. Don’t bury this valuable content in your blog page and leave it there, you’ve made it evergreen for a reason! It needs to be shared and distributed properly.

As mentioned, it’s ok to make updates and amend your evergreen content. You can even write similar new evergreen content and link back to an older version – this keeps both versions appropriate for your target audience and ensures clicks on both articles.

Make sure that you re-run your evergreen content in a structured content plan as well. This will result in more people looking at your content and ensure that your content isn’t stagnating in your blog page – it’s all about getting this content out there and making it readily available for your readers.

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