6 habits of successful content marketers

6 habits of successful content marketers

The ability to create useful, intelligent , amplify it effectively and engage with your target is a valuable skill and, done correctly, can significantly boost your readership and follower numbers. Not only that, the content you produce will shape the perception of your brand, determining your credibility in the market, and moulding your brand’s digital reputation.

Getting it right isn’t easy, but we’ve identified six habits that all successful content marketers possess. How do you fair?

They use social frequently

A seasoned content marketer will always ensure that they have a strong social media presence.

It’s vital for anyone looking to become an industry leader in this field to show they have their finger on the pulse.

Great marketers will have all of their social media accounts linked and a clear narrative will be woven throughout. They’re not scared of sharing their insight and expertise – in fact, that’s part of their success.

They constantly ask questions

Successful content marketers have to adapt with the pace of the industry. By constantly scrutinising their own content, and remaining curious about their work (and the work of their competitors) they ensure their content never stagnates. Questions they ask themselves: Is the content I offer up-to-date? Is it as good as other similar content? Are themes emerging? Could a buzz blog be written as a result? Could I develop evergreen content? Am I using the best platforms? Am I for the audience?

They learn something new everyday

is changing every day. As an industry professional it is vital to accept that you simply can’t, don’t and won’t know everything.

Set aside a part of your day to monitor and assess what is evolving in your industry and circles. If something is new to you it will most likely be new to your followers.

Share these findings and ensure that you stay on top everything to do with your brand’s marketing. Learning is not a weakness, it is a core part of becoming a better content marketer.

They are planned and organised

Great content doesn’t just happen; thorough planning is essential to a cohesive content marketing strategy.

Whether you are marketing your own content, or on behalf of a client, without planning your results will be muddled and you will lose track of what your core aims and ambitions were. Set measurable targets so you can track your success, or work out where you can improve for next time.

If you need help planning your content, consider reading this advice.

They publish new content daily or multiple times a week

Quality over quantity has always been the golden rule and rightly so – your readers will see through an obvious bulk clickbait campaign.

However, quality alone won’t guarantee you success and nor will quantity alone. A perfect marriage of the two will ensure visibility, and credibility.

They review and analyse their content’s performance

Reviewing your content is a must. What went well and what flopped is invaluable data that you simply have to know.

Great content marketers don’t become complacent, they assess their results and look to re-issue or reproduce guaranteed blockbusters that their audience appreciated and want more of.

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